Decorshala Marketing Partner Programme



Let’s get to work while at home, all you need is a smartphone and the zeal to be the best salesperson of the year.

How to get Started??

  • Fill in this form click here
  • Get your unique promo code
  • Promote decorshala page your social media handles and among your circle
  • Encourage people to shop using the promo code you have received exclusively from Decorshala and avail attractive discounts
  • For every purchase done using your promo code, you get 10% of the total sales as your earnings.
  • Ex: You have an exclusive Promo code from Decorshala and someone shops on using your promo code for a total of INR 1000, he/she gets direct discount as per the promo code and you earn 10% amount of sale*.
    *Terms and Conditions apply

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Sales generated on Decorshala’s official website will only be counted under this camping
  • Using your exclusive promo code is essential for tagging sales to yourself
  • Promo code will be applied on the check-out cart page on (refer the screenshot below)
  • Only one promo code can be applied at a time
  • For getting your own promo code you need to fill the form as mentioned above
  • Post submission of details it will take 48 Hrs for promo code generation.
  • Post creation of code, first sale has to be completed within 10 days to activate your promo code, failing to do that promo code will be deactivated
  • Once promo code has been activated, continuous sales is mandatory and if there is no sale recorded continuously for 60 days then the promo code will be deactivated automatically.

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