Our Story

It all started with a creative high, and ended up with birth of Decorshala.

We are a husband wife duo inspired by our own experience of setting up homes  & creating beautiful decor spaces, we decided to make a company which brings to you unique decor products for styling your home and giving it a new look.

We still remember our days back in 2017, trying to setup our home, searching all over, for decor pieces which can fit into our space and reflects our style. We took all the hustle & pain to find the best match in terms for style, uniqueness & cost.

Being into a rented house, with an uncertainty on duration of stay, cost becomes an important aspect to look at, because as you move to a new place your old things might not exactly fit in to your new world.

While talking to our friends, & people around us we discovered this problem is there with all who stay in rented place. And post doing some market research we found in this new age more 70% of families go for rented place. But being in rented place doesn't mean the love and passion for decorating your world will fall, after all it's your tiny world, it is your positive corner which is meant to be the best.

With all our study we understood that there is a market which needs to be explored.

In our journey we had already connected with a lot of crafters and creatives across the country who helped us in collecting beautiful decor pieces for our own adobe. 

With Decorshala we bring all decor collection directly to you on your fingertips, straight from the artists to you cutting all middle mans and giving benefits to our customers. 

Among our products we have a range which are created on demand and are handcrafted as per your request exclusive for you. 

We also actively support, and promote recycling and redesigning things. We believe in upscaling  things and giving them a new life.

Come join us on our journey and give us an opportunity to surprise you.

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