The complete guide to decorating your indoor space with plants

The complete guide to decorating your indoor space with plants

decorative house, no doubt, is a desire of every household. No matter how many things for home decoration you own, like those expensive furniture, animal rugs, lamps and lighting, when it comes to the best of home decor, plants are never left behind. Interior designers highly emphasize on keeping plants in your living space and at the workplace. Also being an eco-friendly practice, home decor using plants transforms your living space and renders it peaceful, edgy and beautiful. With the following tips and tools, one can easily make use of their indoor space to grow and nurture plants in beautiful and aesthetic ways. 

Plants on the floor 


While this is the key for beginners, make sure that the corner when you decide to plant your friend has to be properly lit by sun rays. The height of the plant should be according to the accompanying furniture in the room and the height of the ceiling. Go forth and experiment with various sizes and colors of pots, harboring different plants. Plants of around 5 inches height seem to go with most settlements. 

Cut flowers 


For a short term decoration, placement of cut flowers in a vase or a glass pot can be a good option. Best for tables and shelves, they simply change the way your space looks while also being fragrant. 

Cacti and other Succulents


The list of plants for home decor purpose can't just end without the mention of cacti and succulents. Taking good care of plants can usually be tricky, especially when you live in harsh climatic conditions or have an extremely busy life. In contrast, some plants are simply hard to grow. Cacti and succulents are shallow maintenance friends who require minimal watering and sunlight. Also, their interesting patterns and shapes add a very modern yet aesthetic touch to your home and workplace. Consider having a look at Decorshala's Octa Ball Shaped Golden Terrarium. Any sort of small to medium-sized plants can be cultivated in this beautiful piece. It is also the perfect home decor gift.

Your own Hanging Garden


This is indeed a fun and creative way to keep plants at home. You can use planters and screws to grow flowering plants, edible plants and fruits, etc. all hanging upon the wall! Your wall looks more lively and aesthetic. 


We highly recommend that you check out Decorshala's Bulb shaped Terrarium. It looks so elegant and chic. Just add a couple of these on your wall, filled with different plants and see your walls transform. 



Consider planting fragrant flowering plants such as lavender, rose, jasmine and orchids. You can't help but get lost into their bliss with a sigh. Great for your mental health as well, they attract all the attention of your guests and calm them down. They also add a pop of color to your monotonous walls and furniture. Couple them up with some cool planters, bowls and pots of different types. You may also use Decorshala's Octa Ball Shaped Golden Terrarium, Bulb shaped Terrarium or Oval shaped Terrarium to add to the beauty of them. Flowering plants are also considered to be one of the best home decor gifts ever. 


Plants add a whole new touch of life to your home interior decors.  Moreover, the variety is never-ending - you get to experiment between various shapes, sizes, colors, accessories and locations. Time to fill all those empty corners and dull walls of your home or work place with some greens. Add some lamps and lighting to these plants to enhance their look. 


Indoor plants are especially a boon to those living in flats and apartments, as they do not come with a garden where you can fulfil your plantation desires.